“Turtle Family” : Color Changing Bath Toys

by Saro

Materials: Vinyl

They change color depending on the temperature of the water!

Mold-proof, no holes!

1, 2, 3... Time to immerse yourself in the fun! It’s spa time for your little one and you cannot miss these these 3 adorable sea turtles that will make bathing a safer and more fun time. They change color to warn you of the water temperature! The skin of babies is very sensitive, so controlling the water temperature is essential. These thermo-sensitive turtles change color to help you know if the water is too hot or cold: thermometer: - When the water is too hot and the temperature exceeds 32ºC, its body will start to turn white. The warmer the water, the whiter it becomes, while its shell retains its original color. - When the water is too cold (below 20 ºC) its body will increase its color. - When the temperature is ideal, around 30ºC, it will return to its original color, a soft pastel tone.