Kalencom Diaperbags

Kalencom Diaperbags : Stylish + Convenient

We are family owned business that believes in producing the highest quality products possible. As the originators of easy to clean diaper bags, we have consistently innovated the diaper bag in both fashion and functionality  while remaining fairly priced. 

 Why Choose Kalencom?

 - Functionality - A spot for EVERYTHING you need.

 - Quality - Durable and made to last.

 - Fashion - Designed with today's trends in mind.

 - Value - You'll get your money's worth, and then some!

 - Water Repellent - Can stand up to your little one's big messes.

 - Lightweight - Will never weigh you down.

 - 3m Insulated Bottle Holder - For your little one, or for you!

 - Large Changing Pad - For your growing child.

 - Multiple Pockets - Multiple pockets for all your little one's gear and yours as well!


With over 50 years of experience, Kalencom has been making quality diaper bags which you have known and loved. Our popular designs have stood the test if time, but that does not mean we will ever stop being innovative.


You know Kalencom... but do you know the NEW Kalencom?


 Since the beginning, Kalencom has always been at the forefront of diaper bag fashion. We keep our bags trendy and fashion forward. Our latest collection has taken stylistic cues from around the world, and incorporated them into the bold shapes and brilliant patterns used on the newest bags. While our core will always be the fun style we have established our reputation on, the new items that we are launching address the changing tastes towards sophisticated bags with more contemporary colors.


 Look through the following pages and you will see the huge range we now offer at Kalencom. Without a doubt, you will be surprised with how we have grown over the years to make sure that there is just the right Kalencom bag for anyone's personal fashion preferences... and that is what we are all about, making sure each mom can find a distinct bag to fit their own unique taste. Because when it all comes down to it, the diaper bag is really for the mom. It is one of the few baby-related things that she gets to enjoy and use. A diaper bag is a just as much a fashion accessory as a nice handbag.


 At Kalencom, we are proud to say that we are true fashion line. At least twice a year we create new bags that go along with the changing seasons. this means that no matter how well you know Kalencom, there will always be something new and exciting you have not seen before!

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