“Food & Fun” Feeding Set

by Saro


3 pieces: Suction cup with handles, plate with suction & utensils.

Materials: 100% premium silicone / food grade silicone

Suitable for microwave & dishwasher.

Made of food silicone, an eco-friendly, antibacterial, flexible and resistant material. It awakens the child’s natural curiosity to do things like grown-ups. A stimulus that will help him learn, reinforcing his self-esteem and fostering his independence. • Plate with sections and suction cup: Its practical and original design, with raised edges prevents food from leaking out. • Ergonomic cutlery specially designed to avoid hurting the baby's gums during his first meals. • Anti-spill cup: with handles so you can grab it easily and lid with suction nozzle that prevents Microwave and dishwasher safe. Wash with soap and water before first use. Do not use abrasive cleaning products. Do not boil to sterilize.